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    9 – The Week In Tesla – The End

    9 – The Week In Tesla – The End

    I get into a lengthy discussion of my somewhat waning interest in Tesla, and a renewed interest in solar panels for grid tie electricity. There is also a comment from listener Jeremy regarding Elon Musk and his overall integration strategies for Tesla and Solar City.

    I am putting this podcast on a hold until further notice. If you want more of my content I will be continuing to podcast at

    8 – The Week In Tesla – Long Shadow Over Tesla Motors

    long shadow

    8 – The Week In Tesla – Long Shadow Over Tesla Motors

    A long shadow has been cast over the near-term future of Tesla Motors, and much of the damage has been self-inflicted.

    7 – The Week In Tesla – Would You Buy A Chevy Bolt?

    Chevy BoltThe all-electric, 200 plus mile range Chevy Bolt is supposed to become available later this year. Would you be tempted to buy a Chevy Bolt sooner than waiting a year or two (or even longer) on a Tesla Model 3?

    6 – The Week In Tesla – What Options For Your Tesla?

    TeslaModel3What options make sense to order in a Tesla? Should the average car buyer order extreme performance packages?

    5 – The Week In Tesla – Justifying The High Price

    MoneyHow do Tesla fans justify the admittedly high price of Tesla vehicles?

    4 – The Week In Tesla – User Generated Ads

    Tesla Dash Display

    Tesla has captured the imagination of it’s fans, to the point of generating professional-level user generated advertisements.

    Also in this episode, are German carmakers finally taking Tesla seriously?

    A Utah man claims that his Model S took off by itself and crashed into a trailer, breaking its windshield, while Tesla said that the car’s computer logs document that the car was put into “summon” mode right before the driver exited the vehicle. Is it possible that the driver activated the “summon” mode accidentally before exiting the vehicle?

    3 The Week In Tesla – Range Anxiety?

    Tesla Super Charger Network May 2016In response to listener email, I discuss the build out of the Tesla Supercharger Network and how that makes the electric car not only possible but highly desirable.

    2 The Week In Tesla – Model 4 On The Way?


    Has Elon Musk dropped hints that an even less expensive Model 4 is in the future?

    Inaugural Episode 1

    tesla-thumbnailIn this inaugural episode of The Week In Tesla, I introduce myself and talk about why I want to start a podcast about Tesla and electric vehicles. I also talk a bit about my skepticism of the idea of 100% autonomous vehicles happening anytime in the near future. I’m looking for feedback, so feel free to email me or send me audio voice files at I’m on Twitter @TruckerTom.